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The Farm

We are a family run business based at Bradford Farm in the heart of East Dorset.  We have a diverse range of specialised livestock including Holstein Friesian calves, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle, Suffolk Texel Cross sheep, and seasonal Bronze Turkeys and free range chickens.

We take pride in the fact that all our meat is reared on our farm.  This way we can ensure that they are reared in line with the highest welfare standards, including the Red Tractor Assured scheme from start to finish with 100% traceability. 

Why Choose Us?

Unlike bigger suppliers we have the advantage of being able to offer you a specialist service tailoring our business to your requirements.  We believe small is good and we recognise the importance of kindling long term relationships. 


Beef & Lamb

We believe in producing slow grown, high quality beef and lamb, whilst offering excellent value for money.

Using traditional farming techniques and small batch production twinned with a natural grass and forage diet and lots of space we produce delicious meat with good welfare.  All our beef is hung for a minimum of 28 days whilst our lamb is hung for 7 days.


All our veal is RSPCA assured.  This means our calves are reared in warm, light, well ventilated barns with lots of straw bedding.  They have a high protein milk diet for their first 10 weeks and are then transferred onto special iron and fibre cake and straw to keep them healthy. 

Get In Touch

Contact us for more details on wholesale enquiries:

Telephone: 07756885610
Email: info@harrystreetmeats.co.uk