Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

Friday night, 8pm Channel 4
with Harry Street Meats


Episode 4 - Sarah Millican, Ice Cream & Veal

'Jamie helps Sarah Millican cook her favourite microwave meal from scratch. Jimmy builds a soft-serve ice cream machine. And the boys champion British rose veal.'

Channel 4, Fri 15 Dec, 8pm
Series 5 Episode 4


When Harry met Jamie & Jimmy...

We are super excited to announce this big news! The two kings in food are finally giving British Rose Veal the accreditation it deserves. To not only promote us, but other hard working farmers around the country.

A huge thank you to the Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast production for working with us. More behind the scenes footage on its way. Rose Veal has many positives, please look on our website to know more.